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My book launch sabotaged by Blake Lively and a swarm of bees

Mantis head thanks to

Mantis head thanks to

On November 20th this year I’ll be celebrating two things: turning 60 (hooray), and 30 years as a published writer. To commemorate these historic anniversaries, I shall be offering, for one week only, the ebook of my adult novel When Dylan Sank The Isle of Wight (formerly 69ers) for just 99p. Check out some reviews here. To take advantage of this one-off offer, go to Amazon between Nov 20 and Nov 27.

My second offer is a completely new novel for junior-age children, Insect Day, which will be COMPLETELY FREE for five days from Nov 20, and thereafter just £1.49. This again will be an e-book available on Amazon. Unfortunately, however, this is not featuring prominently on Google searches for Insect Day by Jon Blake owing to the fact that actor Blake Lively was attacked by a swarm of bees a few months ago, curiously enough, just before her birthday.

With Christmas in mind, if anyone is interested in a signed copy of any of my many other publications for children, I shall make these available at the price on the book cover plus postage – just drop me a line.