The real-life Feela

Thumbnail images of Floozie, the inspiration for Feela.





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  1. I love The Last Free Cat, its one of my all time favorite books. Will there be a more adult sequel? I’d love to read it.

  2. That’s a big compliment, Sasha – thank you. I do have plans for a sequel now, which would be more adult (I wanted the first book to also be more adult but the publishers didn’t). The problem is that publishers aren’t really concerned with how much a book means to people, only its sales, and though The Last Free Cat has sold reasonably well, it hasn’t sold enough for either my UK or US publisher to want to publish a sequel. This means I’ll either have to get another publisher or self-publish, and both will take more time and effort than I can presently afford. But as soon as I feel I can do it, I will.

  3. Hahaha, she’s AWESOME. She’s a fat little turkey like my Manx except mine is a longey. Which means she has her whole tail.
    Lil Black Betty is like a canonball who runs like a bunny and stands like a bull dog, lol. Honest word.
    I love Feela and Love her book !!!
    Go Feela Go !
    I’m looking forward to a sequel as well where Jade is reunited with Feela and Kris and they take down the evil Viafara.
    Liked the book so much I’ve read it thrice. Can’t wait to purchase my author signed copy !
    Perhaps, Mr. Blake, Feela fans can fund your sequel on Kickstarter, eh?

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