What they’re saying about The Last Free Cat

“I’ve read several very good chase novels for teenagers lately, but I think this one is my favourite. The writing is top notch and it has something for everyone. Take it as my tip for a major award”  Bookbag

“The Last Free Cat is one of the best young adult adventures in a long time. Be prepared to share. Everyone will want to read this”  Hackwriters

“A story of optimism and solidarity in the face of oppression. The beauty of the relationship between human and animal is touchingly conveyed and the book culminates in a sense of hope that is truly uplifting.”  Books For Keeps

“Cat lovers aren’t the only readers who’ll want to get their claws into this fantastic feline thriller”  National Geographic Kids

“It is a coming of age story filled with teen angst and young love. But it is also a story about finding the truth, working for a greater cause and taking a stand. The book is also filled with wonderful instances of the kindness of strangers and goodness coming from unexpected places. If you have a cat-loving reader on your holiday list this year, this might be the book for them”  So Many Books

“A chilling yet compelling read. A very satisfying and brave book that does not go in for easy answers”  School Librarian

“As a discerning parent, I would be comfortable recommending it to children ages 11 and up. I have two sons who are young teens and they liked it very much and asked me to find more books by this author”  A Confirmed Bookworm

“The coming-of-age tale of a young teen who is forced to become self-aware, self-confident, and able to decide for herself what is right. The anti-authoritarian themes provide an excellent opportunity to discuss issues such as the role of multinational corporations, the appropriateness of government and/or corporate control, and the freedom of information”  Rutgers

“Gripping, futuristic feline thriller”  The Bournemouth Echo

“A worthy and exciting novel, which raises a number of pertinent issues”  Write Away

“Whether you’re a cat lover or not, the book will inspire you to think a bit more about your pets, how valuable they are and what the world would be like if you couldn’t have them”  Chicklish

“A brilliant idea and a page turning thriller”  The Northern Echo

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